Thursday, December 09, 2004

That Ache Again

i almost did a stupid thing today.

i was feeling so achy the whole morning, i could actually feel my uterus contract! by noon, i was so bothered that, while doing emails, this website address --- -- just entered my mind.

i think i remember an invitation email i got from that site long ago, which got delivered to my bulk folder. i remember being amused that such a site existed, that people really registered there and met other people for... well... you know... to soothe their aches.

well anyway, i checked it out... and then signed up for a free membership... and browsing all those profiles... i started thinking: why not meet guys anonymously and discreetly in a nearby city (not here in mine, of course! that would be suicide!)... and i clicked on a few profiles to make winks...

but of course, since my profile was up for review and wont be available for 48 hours yet, i didnt get any responses.

which was a good thing.

because there was one profile there in the next city with his cellphone number as his handle. i started composing a text message to him... but then i thought twice about having a stranger get hold of my cellphone number... so i decided to wait until my profile got approved so i can just communicate with him via email for a while...

anyway, as i couldn't do anything else to alleviate the ache, i did the habitual thing--self help, as always. (oooh what a fever i found my self in!)

and then i drove back to work.

tonight, after i got home, and having gotten hold of my senses again, i realized how dangerously foolish i had been. i quickly erased my profile and account there, as well as the few emails ive received from the site already. i suddenly felt so dirty!!!

oh i am so pathetic.
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