Monday, August 28, 2006

Our New Bea

our 6-year-old not-so-little Bea exploded into reading yesterday! : D

i woke up to find her beside me in bed, on her tummy, reading from the novel i have been reading!

she read aloud and slowly, of course, but gone is the torture.

she used to be able to read only 3-letter one-syllable words, and it frustrated her so whenever there were instructions in a game she was following on the Net, or in her activity book, that she had to ask help with from me, her older sister Thea and older brother Paolo.

well, yesterday, she was a dynamo, reading from any and all she could see and get her hands on--by their little book shelf, picking out her favorite bedtime stories again, by my big bookshelf reading out the titles from my collection, by the tv, watching out for text on the screen.

and she isn't even on first grade level yet!!!

'times like these, when your child breaks into a barrier and explodes into a new level of who she is-- i feel so blessed to have been given the honor to midwife and witness such births.
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