Friday, August 25, 2006

Terms of Endearment, Terms of Engagement

so now that we've settled more comfortably into our "L" words, it's on to another set of challenges.

he calls me "little one", while i call him "love"... but somehow, i know, it is also as much a part of habit as of feeling now.

i have never been called "little", even as a kid. i have always been taller for my age, and when grown, fairer and more voluptous and leggy than the average Filipina. so, i kind of feel awkward and embarassed when he calls me his "little one", like receiving an undeserved accolade... or a term of endearment not really meant for me. : (

i am not guiltless my self, as my using the term "love" is so easy and natural now, an old habit with a former love that is hard to break, not that i would want to break it even, as this former love was a good person (a break from the old pattern in fact!), it's just that our path together just had to end...

so we'll grow into our own terms of endearment, as we get to know each other better, and work on merging our plans and lives together, bit by bit, each moment, each day.

it just amazes me, though, how i've never noticed, much less been aware, of things like these before!!!

every thing feels so shiny and new and bright and fresh, 'feels like the first time all over again, feeling 17 all over again!!!

(blushing but smiling so, too... )
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