Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Little One"

it's one of a staple of the Disney classics i regularly listen to these days, as its on a cd i continually play in the car while i drive. its the first Disney song i truly took to heart and has stayed with me since my girlhood and all throughout my adulthood so far.

in between (and even during some) short-lived crushes and romances, when i pined and still longed for that special Someone who was truly of my own heart and soul, i would play the song or-- if it wasn't readily available-- even sing or hum the song to my self, to comfort me, to keep my hopes up; to keep holding out for more, for something better, higher, finer, truer... even as the loneliness of feeling so alone in this world threatened to engulf me into despair.

but i only realized the meaning of the coincidence early this morning while driving the children to school, and i was thinking of M (again), and the song played, again...

Be brave little one
Make a wish for each sad litte tear
Hold your head up
Though no one is near
Someone's waiting for you
Don't cry little one
There'll be a smile where a frown used to be
You'll be part of the love that you see
Someone's waiting for you
Always keep a little prayer in your pocket
And you're sure to see the light
Soon there'll be joy and happiness
And your little world will be bright
Have faith little one
Till your hopes and your wishes come true
You must try to be brave little one
Someone's waiting to love you

"little one"... "little one"... "little one"!!!

why didn't i notice it sooner when it's been there all along???

it was the Universe's way of telling me, to sit up and pay full attention, to this special man in my life now: a heart's desire is finally being answered!!!

ohhhhhh... OHHHHHHHHHHH.

no wonder the first time M called me "little one", it felt like... coming home.
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