Wednesday, November 29, 2006

blessings in the midst

i am at the business center of the Iloilo Grand Hotel writing this. the kids (the school paper staff i advise) are in the middle of their individual writing contests now. i have just finished a full and satisfying brunch of cream of chicken, garlic rice, sizzling fish and shrimp cutlets, fresh sliced papaya and pineapple orange juice.

although this is an official business leave for me as moderator of the school paper, it actually is more like a vacation because all i have to do with the kids is to be their chaperon, adviser and morale booster, but being the smart and independent kids that they are, i really don't have to do much except make them laugh. : )

so in a while, after their lunch, i am checking in at the day spa right here in the hotel, for a complete package of full body massage and milk and honey scrub, facial massage, turkish bath, and foot spa and manicure and pedicure!

did i say that isn't it good timing i recently got the full lumpsum amount of my royalties from the first printing (it's all sold out and going on it's second printing now) of Papa's House, Mama's House??????? aside from the surprise P1,500 speaker's honorarium i got yesterday for volunteering to conduct a training on Media Literacy and Peace Journalism (PJ) to campus writers all over the province??????? : ) : ) : )

God and the Universe are truly great and Abundant!

They knew i needed this break more than i cared to admit, and they arranged for it so and things just fell into place!!!

tomorrow i go back, but leave again on friday for a five-day advanced peace journalism training for professional journalists in Cagayan de Oro City. i look forward to meeting old acquaintances and friends again, as well as to a new adventure my PJ colleagues promised to initiate me into-- white water rafting!!! : D
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