Thursday, November 30, 2006

preparing to receive

i'm back home, but only for a half day. tomorrow, i leave again, for Cagayan de Oro City this time, until Dec. 5.

i went to the bank today to check my Euro balance, as well as withdraw some to help pay some bills. i also paid the last of my Visa monthly installments to fully settle my account with them. ohhhh, that felt sooo good, finally closing that last chapter of my old life behind. in the afternoon, the kids and i did grocery shopping, and the two little ones especially were very very happy because they got to choose all the food items they liked.

paolo kept asking, "are you sure we can afford this, ma?" and he was so cute, looking at the price tags and comparing prices before making his choice. : ) i kept saying, "sure, we can, love. God has been soo good to us!", but he still kept comparing prices anyway.

after all the groceries were put in the trunk of the car, i had to go back to the mall to buy some laundry clips and candles which were outside and farther from the grocery section. the kids chose to remain in the car.

as i was alone, i ventured forth into the home furniture and furnishing department, and soaked in my home-beautifying dreams again this time, as i checked out prices and stuff. the clerk informed me that there's going to be a sale from Dec. 2 to 31, with discounts at 30%!

suddenly, this dream feels soo within reach now. i mentally calculated how much two new real beds and closets and an entertainment rack would cost, and how, if i paid for them using my new Visa now, i would pay off the credit card balance as quickly and as comfortably as i can...

then, too, i thought that even before we can have the new furniture , i would have to have the house repainted first, the inner walls at least, so they'd provide the proper backdrop for the new furniture. the kids and i discussed it in the car and we thought we'd want a happier, cheerier yellow for living and dining room walls this time (we're currently at pale, lonesome blue) and Thea and i decided we'd want our bedrooms to be more feminine and cozy and romantic, so maybe we'd choose something like peach or old rose or something along the hues of purple to pink...

secretly, i also thought that according to feng shui and color theory, this is my way of preparing to receive more Good, especially more Love : ), into my life now.

feng shui teaches that if you want more Love, make your bedroom more Love-friendly with the colors of love like pink and red. the bed must also be arranged so that it is in the middle of the room, so that people can climb on it from either side. (right now, both our beds are right smack against the wall... the feng shui symbol for keeping your distance! i just learned this recently.)

i wish i could do something about the L-shape of our house, though, but that would be a major renovation, or house move, altogether. feng shui says that L is for loneliness... hmmmm.

and then there's our kitchen, too, which is separated from the main house, but in the housekeeper's quarters instead. feng shui says the kitchen is the soul of the house, if the bedroom is the heart. hmmmm again... no wonder ive had the kind of married life (no heart, no soul) ive had!!! heehee.

well, one step at a time.

i asked my brother for estimates re house repainting, and found i could afford it with my funds now. : ) so we agreed that after i get back on dec. 6, he'll send the painter over to start working by december 8.

yeheyyyyyyyy!!! : D

i'll just do what i can, given the resources i have.... all the rest will just fall into place somehow.

i know that now. : D
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