Monday, April 30, 2007

domestic dreams

for the first time ever, i went grocery shopping this evening trying hard to keep my grins to my self, walking along the aisle with Bea, pushing our carts, yet feeling like i've just won a megabillion dollar lotto jackpot or something.

oh, it's not much to most people. what's to grin over choosing groceries, scrutinizing their ingredient content, making sure to choose the healthier and more natural ones, while calculating prices and discounts? but while i was doing those things, i was imagining doing them with M... for M... SOON!!! : ) : ) : )

i've never been this excited about food! i even ventured into the kitchenware department and checked out utensils and other cooking equipment! (those who know me know this is the most incredible miracle-- me, kitchen???!!!--ever!!!)

but yep, M and i will be together soon, in a month or so. well, he'd be based in Cebu to start an office for his Dad's firm, but it's surely much closer to Bacolod now than Kenya (where he originally intended to go)!!!

and ohhhh, bless M's Dad and Mom; when they learned of our intense discussion over Kenya vs. the Philippines more than a week ago, and M's insecurities and fears about not being fit enough and not having an impressive stable-income job to show to me yet, his Dad offered him the job of setting up a Philippine branch for their firm in Cebu, where he could both prove himself and make a name for himself, and be closer to me to visit me more often now. ohhhhh, what a blessing!!! and parents' sacred blessing at that!!!

of course, M and I have talked; we agreed to be prudent and take it slow, until he gets the business up and going. but we are both sooo excited and it's a struggle to contain our joy, needless to say.

he says he's also inspired now to eat more healthily, lose some more weight and get in shape, even as he is inspired with the new business and the new lease on his work life.

since "meeting" him via email, by way of a mutual friend's introduction, ten months ago, i have also been likewise inspired to take better care of my self, too, and to seriously go for my writing dreams (his mom and sister are writers, too, and M has been very supportive and encouraging), at last.

now, im into looking up healthier food and planning on studying my recipe books and practicing how to cook healthy yet delicious fare for the coming months of my one-year leave! imagine that, imagine me doing that. haahaaaa.

heck, i even bought multivitamins with 400mcg folic acid tonight, too, good for 30 days. heehee! (research says that to have a healthy baby, you should start taking at least 400mcg folic acid daily as early as a year or two before you conceive!)

i've never been this excited about domesticity before, not ever!!! oh, God. what has happened to me??? cerebral, work-focused, career-oriented me who doesn't even know how to open canned goods with a can opener??? : ) : ) : )

oh, what miracles Love has brought me and continue to bring. if only for these times now, all the past pain, confusion, loneliness, hurting, darkness, turbulence, storms... they are all worth it. i wouldn't trade them for anything less, if what they meant was that they would bring me to this blessed time now.

God is truly great!!! Amazing Grace, indeed.

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