Monday, July 02, 2007

Who's My Type?

i'm really into studying and preparing for my next romance now, and to do it-- not just right, but--better next time. so here's another advice i just read (please click on the title for the link to the article), and i'm pasting here the "checklist" for who's really my type and who's not to remind me of what to look out for and what to avoid as i seriously launch my Search now (this is the first time i'm consciously admitting to my self that i'm actually searching!!! Before, it was just "if it comes, okay, if it doesn't, okay, i still have the rest of my happy life"... no wonder it is only in the romance dept. where i've still not "gotten it together" when in the rest of my life, which i consciously direct and work and prepare for, i am already doing great! GIGO, Garbage In Garbage Out-- hit-or-miss In intentions, hit-or-miss Out results.)

Looking at the lists now, I am almost shocked to realize that M, whom I thought and felt was already my true and lasting Soulmate (mainly because of his wonderful parents who liked me very much, and of our astrological potentials!!! ... : O), actually falls within the NOT MY TYPE more than in the MY TYPE list!!!
Of the six items in the NOT MY TYPE checklist, he fits FIVE (except for the last one, although he also had a tendency to criticize my interests and involvements)!!!

In the MY TYPE list, he did--

- excite me (intellectually, mostly)
- made me laugh (in the early months, mostly)
- helped me to be a better version of my self (mainly through tremendous emotional and spiritual growth, from the frustrations i experienced with him! but surely, now i think that i can be a better version of my self in a more positive, life-affirming way with another, no?)

ohhhhh THANK GOD, it DID NOT work out with M!!! (if i posted here the pictures of our meeting which my photojournalist friends took "on stakeout" : ), too, you would agree with me... heehee... but that would be too cruel, and i want to spare him that, even so...)

ohhhh, THANK YOU GOD!!!
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