Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Made Me Misty

i didn't realize how my 14-year-old has grown so much and so beautifully, in her mind, heart and spirit. these are excerpts from her latest blog post; the addressees are not named, but i could tell these parts were for me, her sister Bea, and her dad.

5.) You are the best and I mean that. You have seen me grow from my Barbie dolls and scribbles to my writings, sketches, music, and performing -- all of which I call art... that I have inherited from the artist herself, whom, also gave life to me and two other wondrous artworks. I treasure how you are not like the others. Instead of telling me to study hard and pursue a good career, you teach me to embrace learning and to nurture the gifts I possess and use it to best of my ability. Instead of simply grounding me and keeping me from my friends, you explain my mistakes and make me realize how important it is to look before you leap -- that every decision counts in your life. Instead of answering me if I look fat in my clothes or if my thighs are too thick, you teach me to love my body and my femininity -- both of which what also makes a great, real woman. What I have greatly learned from you though, is to follow your dream. You don't see that much nowadays, but you are living proof that a dream has been fulfilled. We are like best friends sometimes, too. Some souls take forever to look for that right guiding force in which they find refuge and comfort in. But isn't it a coincidence that God made us family?

6.) You are awesome even though you are only seven years old. You can be a pain in the ass when you're being whiny, but most of the time, I know they raised us all to be good kids. It's cute how you are nurturing and care for others at your age, and it's often comforting. I love it when you let me dress you up. I love it when you make me feel like someone important. I appreciate and cherish how I'm someone you look up to and would like to follow someday. That strangely encourages me and you don't know how I try to do as much as I can to set the right example. It makes me happy when you're happy, and even more happy when I make you mad. Just kidding. I love you anyway, even though I like to make fun of you and you sometimes hate me for it. You're going to be a great woman, nevertheless. It's funny when I talk about it now, but I am serious. Seeing you grow and looking out for others as much as you look out for yourself, I often wonder if you already know too much and you're just keeping silent about it as if it's some secret power or something. Haha. I love you.

7.) You know, even though you may not see it much anymore, I still love being your little girl. When I make mistakes and do something stupid and all the world goes against me, it's awesome how you still care and make me feel comforted even through a simple text message telling me how you love me. I love how when I'm sick or not feeling well, you get me stuff and treats to make me feel better. And how you check up on me if I'm okay. It might not be much to some, but it often means the world to me. Even though you and her aren't going to get back together anymore, it doesn't matter, I'm happy either way because I love you both. Either from monsters under my bed or stupid boys that break my heart, I know that I'm protected in your big strong arms. It's cool how we share the same birthday. That's mega rad. Sorry I don't reply much, I run out of load a lot... which I also get from you. Anyway, I love you, too.

she didn't say anything to Paolo, though. : ) maybe nothing needs to be said to him for now. : )

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