Tuesday, October 16, 2007


it's 3:44 a.m. here; i've been up for around 40 minutes already.

even while apparently "doing" stuff, like checking my email now to clean up my inbox, i am as still as a baby who has just woke up.... a kind of alert, watchful stillness.

i am savoring this moment.

it's like the moments of stillness, of perfect bliss, that i get to in my meditations have transferred over to this moment, even when im not consciously meditating.

i have just jotted down all my things to do for this week. somehow, they don't disturb this stillness even, when before, a year or two ago, this would start me hyperventilating in anxiety and growing panic, at the so many things to do in so little time...

right now, i am just... still.

all is right with my world.

all is Perfect, in fact, even as all continually change.

in my meditations, my favorite and "highlight mantra", which i have coined my self, is this:

I am in the Heart of God.
I bask in God's Love and Abundance.

this is It, right now.

i'm living it.

i'm being it.
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