Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Divine "Nudge"

the magazine feature is actually a double blessing for me. the ego stroke is okay, everyone always appreciates one : ) but there's another deeper blessing for me in it.

you see, i received the interview questionnaire from the church annulment process the ex is now filing, so he can marry his gf soon, almost a week ago. but, i just put it aside and tried to ignore it for a while... the questionnaire asked too many probing questions, even more than the Court did, and i dreaded the idea of rehashing the past and writing about it and opening up old wounds which are just newly-healed. it was like opening my very own Pandora's Box, something i don't want to do ever again, especially at a new beginnings time like now. but then, i wanted the church annulment, too, as it would free me up too, to marry the one i truly loved and who truly loves me back, someday, with church blessings. so, it was a dilemma.

anyway, the initial interview with my magazine-writer friend felt a lot like the church interview questionnaire. and early on in the interview, i frankly told my friend im not ready to dig up the past again just now, can i just send her the looooong personal response to the Court i wrote before, as it detailed everything anyway (the gist of my response was that, the ex's side detailed only the last year of the ten-year marriage; now here's the rest of the 9 years, to be fair!)?

and she agreed.

this then gave me the idea to finally just get on with it, attach the same response to the church questionnaire, and finally close the past for good, too!

isn't the Universe/God so great and kind and gentle and loving? : )

i am soo blessed.
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