Tuesday, January 17, 2006

two happy news : )

im still in an introspective mood, cleaning out personal files and my email boxes now... but i thought i'd take a break by sharing some happy news--

1. a woman magazine writer who happened to buy my book last year and who emailed me to congratulate me on the book and who has made efforts to befriend me, contacted me again today saying she wants to feature me in the first of a series of women survivors and winners her magazine has asked her to do, done Oprah-style. the magazine is for national circulation. so is this the beginning of fame, or what? : ) i hope the fortune follows soon after!

2. the German consultant on the peace journalism project im involved in and been asked to be national coordinator in just contacted me earlier too, that our grant proposal from Misereor has been approved!!! this means 3 years' paid part-time and flexi-time work in a project im passionate about, and an extra income of 200 Euro a month (12,000 Php; most people's monthly income already!!!) for the next 3 years!!!

oohhh, God is sooo good!!!

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