Wednesday, May 24, 2006

paolo, again

last weekend, paolo stayed up with me while i worked with some stuff on the pc. at 2am, he felt sleepy already, so i accompanied him in bed.

as he usually does, he asks me all these strange questions before falling off to sleep. this time, he asked me what a Presbyterian was. and i said it's somebody who goes to a Presbyterian church.

"why, ma, are there different kinds of churches?"

"yes, honey. there's the Catholic church, and the Baptist, and the Presbyterian, ..."

"how come there are different churches, ma, when we only have one God?"

i had to pause to think about that one.

"hmmmm... i guess they fight over how to worship God, honey. so to avoid fighting, they each build different churches."

"worshipping God is simple. i know how to do it."

"how, darling?"

"you just love and take care of God's creation. that's all. why do people have to fight about that?"

i kept quiet at that. half-thinking, half-falling asleep.

"i don't know honey, maybe other people have other ideas about worshipping God ... can we go to sleep now?"

"okay, ma...", but i peeked and i saw him still staring at the ceiling. i could hear the engines of his mind still abuzz with questions.

i just waited and dozed off my self.

then, he shook me and asked again--

"ma, when i grow up, can i build my own church too?"

: ) : ) : )
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