Monday, May 15, 2006

another quickening

while driving home at high noon today, my friend C tried to call me on my cellphone. i didnt answer it as i was driving.

when i got home, i was too tired and hungry that all i managed to do was eat lunch and then go straight to bed for a nap, before the children's party the kids and i were going to at 4pm. i turned off my phone.

at the party, though, i turned on my phone and reviewed my phone's messages again, and remembered returning C's missed call. so i did and asked her what it was about.

ooh wow.

i couldn't quite get the details of it but it seems like there's this group of investors putting up a big train tourism project in China, and part of their marketing strategy is to provide a children's tour book for the child passengers in them, and they want a children's book writer to do it, not in the usual tour-guidy way, but really as a children's book that captures children's imaginations and love for travel.

and, of course, my devoted friend, C, mentioned me. she told me she told them that she only knows one children's book author but this one's the best! : )

ooh, C, you are such a treasure!!!

so anyway, she asked for my permission for her to give them my number. i said, yes, of course, and even suggested that they contact me via email instead. i rarely answer my phone for calls because im usually otherwise occupied.

besides, i still have phone phobia. : )
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