Friday, February 09, 2007


'just got home from a monthly Writers' Circle meeting; it was my first time to attend today although they've been inviting me since it started last November.

i am soo glad i went there, despite my earlier reservations-- caused by quite a day that began with a meditation session that turned scary (because i was led, without my knowing it, to touch my deepest fear...) but worthwhile in the end, the kids' bickering (see post below), and a migraine coming on... all before the appointed 6pm Writers' Circle meeting.

writing is definitely my bliss and my salvation. no matter what life brings me/has brought me, writing and literature has always kept me true to my heart and soul, and helped me find my way in the years when i felt very lost and bleak.

tonight was just a further affirmation of that.

it might have seemed like a chore reading and thinking through the manuscripts shared and critiqued, but ohhh, i was in ecstasy!

i had a story critiqued, too, and i got some precious insights and advice from it which i will promptly put to good use (mainly to master the verse forms, and to study fine poetry, to achieve more control of my craft).

we are tentatively naming our Circle, Santermo, the local dialect for St. Elmo's Fire, with even a tagline -- Kalayo sa Papel (literally, "Fire on Paper").

: ) : ) : )

i can't wait for my leave to start.

learning fine poetry and children's fiction, even as i grow in my meditations and manifesting studies.

one solitary, introspective year, all my own.

ohhhhh, blissssssssss!!!
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