Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mine to Make

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... the weekend!!! two full days, mine to make and use as i see fit, no outside demands to fulfill!!!

1. take my early morning walk

2. meditate

3. update my handwritten journal and planner

4. sort and clean the last of the stuff from the Christmas and New Year's "overhauling" to finally make the space clear for all good and new things to come in!

5. check my students' papers and update my class record

6. make my exams, so i can have them risographed by monday, in time for midterm exams the following week

7. finish the last two of the films i rented so i can return them today

8. treat my self to a foot spa and manicure and pedicure

9. just enjoy my life : )

thank You, God, for all the blessings we have received, all the blessings we are receiving, and all the blessings coming our way!!!

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