Thursday, November 08, 2007

10 Questions to Ask Yourself and Be Your Own Life Coach

pls. click on the title above for the full article. as for me i just want to list the 10 questions here for my own reminder and to keep my focus.

when faced with a life challenge, it is good to ask one's self these questions for inner guidance...

1. Is this Good for Me?

2. What does My Body have to Say About This?

3. What are My Values?

4. What would Jesus (Mary, God, Goddess, Grandma, any role model) do?

5. What Am I Not Seeing Here?

6. What Really Matters Here?

7. Where Should I Act and Where Should I Step Back?

8. What Would Make Me Genuinely Happy? (i love this one! this is the criteria i basically go by, aside from no. 3 above)

9. Who Has Some Guidance for Me Right Now?

10. What Is the Divine Intention for My Life Today?
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