Tuesday, November 27, 2007


busy morning here. and it's not even lunchtime yet.

'been up since 5am, just picking a few emails from the 85 emails already in my inbox to open, read and respond to.

one email from my publisher got me cross-texting with another colleague, the storyteller who was here last month for the storytelling workshop in tandem with my booklaunch. apparently there were some misunderstandings on fees and costs, and i've been coordinating with both to clarify matters, texting, emailing and calling.

in between, had to bring Thea to her friend K's house, with K informing us at the last minute that her mom can't take them to the airport for K to see her boyfriend off after all, so it fell upon me, of course, to take them to the airport-- me driving in my nightgown (K's house was only in the subdivision next to ours, so i didn't bother to change)! even as i drove, mama called. thankfully, when she learned i was driving, she said she'd call later...

then, as i arrived home, J from the PJ office texted to tell me that our flight for CDO on thursday is at 9am, not 630am, thank God! and then L texted from the bank too to tell me my Euro honoraria would be deposited to my account instead since the bank didn't have any Euro smaller bills for withdrawal. hmmm, ok. i texted her back to go ahead (what else can we do if i want to get my full honoraria, down to the last Euro?).

as i was doing this, my brother Tope came to consult with me re his project paper, as i greeted him happy birthday, and we also talked about family (another episode in the long-standing tragi-comedy drama series) stuff and updated each other. he asked to borrow my car to go to the bank and run errands (as his car is in manila now) and i let him.

B said hi on the way to his own errands. i love this sweet man. it's always a joy hearing from him. : )

meanwhile, Bea's here with me watching tv. it's Sportsfest time at school and since she's not into any game or sport, she just decided to stay home with me.: ) my girl. the tv isn't helping me much concentrating on my own project paper, though...

im starting to get panicky. i have to have Tope's and my own project paper done by wednesday, before i leave for CDO, so Tope can print and submit them and schedule us for our target defense date of Dec. 7.

can i do this in two days?

probably, without sleeping.

but ive noticed this year that i can't handle no-sleep straight-through-the-night writing projects like i used to before (i even do straight-through-3-nights before!)... sigh. signs of age, i guess. hmmpfff! (if not for this, i absolutely relish and look forward to growing older! the older you get, the freer you are to be you... my uniqueness used to be considered nerdy, then crazy, now attractively interesting... i look forward to being full-blown attractively eccentric, a gorgeous globetrotting grandma, with my nose thumbed at all the madding crowd!)


hmmm... what am i doing rambling here?

i guess i just want to get all this stuff in my head down here --framing, in manifesting language : ) -- so i can get it cleared to focus on performing miracles with Tope's and my project paper!

oh, God, help!

and this is for mama, too, who hasn't called back. this is the answer to your unspoken "how are you today?" when you called earlier. : )

i love you!
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