Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Phone Phobia

i am soo silly and funny sometimes!

my uncle in new jersey sent me this Grandstream internet phone last march, for use in the butterfly business, so i could directly call customers in the US at the cheapest cost (2.4 cents a minute), when i needed to call them. i got it last march, too, just before i went off to boracay, but i hemmed and hawed about opening and installing it, telling my uncle i was yet too busy with all my trips and papa's hospitalization to sit down and muddle through the tech stuff to install it.

he told me there was no tech stuff to muddle through, because it's a plug-and-play unit. finally, i admitted to him my fear of phones and talking on phones-- how i feel lost when im talking with somebody on a phone, especially with a stranger, because there are no reference points for me, except the other person's voice and maybe tone of voice, unlike with chat and email, where i can at least see words and pictures, which are at least more "permanent"... ( i guess im more of a visual and literal person than an aural one, huh?)

thankfully, my uncle has been very understanding and patient, telling me he feels the same way about talking over the phone too that's why he encourages customer queries to be done via email if possible, and also gently reminded me that we can't help but get over our fears anyway, if we want the business to grow well (and im being trained as a one-woman call center!)... and then waiting for me silently for two more weeks, as i kept postponing and postponing the inevitable...

... until finally, i grabbed the inevitable today and did it.


what a relief!!! it is indeed just plug-and-play, and now, i can't get enough of talking to family and friends abroad on this phone!!!

silly and funny me, indeed!

: D
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