Friday, March 02, 2007

Roses and Violins

who would have thought id celebrate my non-existent 39th birthday with roses and violins, at last?

nope, it's not from M (yet), although he had a funny way of greeting me days before, as he was set to fly again yesterday to Tokyo, Bangkok then Cambodia, for work. teasingly, he said: "i won't greet you a Happy Birthday as you don't have a birthday!", yet, in effect, he was the first to greet me for my birthday! : )

today's roses and violins were from Life itself, symbolically and literally.

i started the day off by waking up at 5am to do my meditations. it's interesting how i have grown so fast in just a few weeks, just by meditating. i started out with 5 pages full of affirmations for what i wanted to manifest in my life a month and a half ago. these days, my mantra have become simplified (yet more powerful for me): Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance.

in the end, that's all that really matters, isn't it?


then i met up with L at Robinson's, to help her out with applying for a postpaid cellphone line with Smart for the PJ office, as well as another postpaid cellphone plan line with Sun Cellular for her own personal use, by using my credentials. she surprised me with a bouquet of roses from A and her, and i was soo touched.

i don't think they even knew how much i love receiving flowers, especially roses, but would you believe i have only received four sets of roses in my entire life???

the first was a single red rose from the ex, on our first valentine's day before we were married. but that didn't count because i could see it wasn't from the heart. he himself admitted it was because his sister pushed him to buy me a rose and even lent him the money when he said he didn't have the money for it. : (

the second single pink rose came many years after, after i've left the ex, given by a shy student one valentine's day who had a sweet crush on me.

the third set were a bunch of 65 long-stemmed red roses shared with me by my then new friend A, whose husband gave her a thousand of those red roses, to celebrate their 1000th day after their wedding.

and today was the fourth, a bouquet of 6 red roses surrounding a single white rose in the center.


things just kept amping up. feeling good, looking good, i went about my day in a cloud of Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance. my interactions with people were pleasant and joyful.

in the evening, Thea and I attended the violin and piano concert by international violin star, Alexandru Tomescu, with Filipina acclaimed accompanying pianist, Mary Anne Espina.

i never thought a violin and piano could pierce the heart so.

Tomescu and Espina took the audience to the different moods of Love and Life, from light and playful, to piquant and flirty, to intense and soulful and even vicious, then to fiery and passionate, then to relaxing and reflective, with their carefully chosen pieces. by the third piece, my eyes were already brimming with tears, and i totally broke down with their haunting rendition of Bayan Ko...

Thea kidded me, "oohhhh, mom's getting sappy", but when i looked at her, she was teary-eyed too! i teasingly nudged her and she whispered, "ohhhhh i love this!!!"

we capped the evening off by my treating two of my much older women friends, ma'am Cecille and ma'am Cora, to dinner at Pepe's. they are women of substance and character, in addition to grace and spunk and spirit, and we had a wonderful time just sharing and laughing together. even Thea who was shyly observing us laughed along with us too, and i could tell she was enjoying the evening, too. at one point, she whispered to me, "they're fun, ma."


so now im home, it's past midnight, and the children are asleep. i had a truly wonderful and happy birthday. : )

and i'm going to sleep now, to dream of more roses and violins to come, and definitely for my next and true wedding someday... : )

happy thoughts, sweet dreams, and many happy tomorrows, dear heart.

good night.
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