Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thinking Rock

i found this (click on title above) free link last night, from a tip given by one of my writers' e-groups. it helps you collect your thoughts, process and organize them, so that at the end, your mind is left freer to operate at a higher, more creative level, not bogged down by the nitty-gritty million things that frequently crowd the mind.

it takes some time setting it up, but it's neat!

i've just finished setting mine up, and generated two reports (for Actions or To Dos sorted by Date, and for an overall Project Outline) which i quickly printed. i've got things set down for the next 4 months, at the very least, and they all look comprehensible and tie up together in a meaningful whole to me now.

the two thoughts i had which, at present, are still in the realm of intense desire/wish, but i have no idea how to make come about yet, i marked as "Delegated to The Universe!" : ) Heehee. (The software has an option for delegating certain tasks, and then a blank space for you to fill up who to delegate it to.)

definitely cool Thinking Rock!
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