Saturday, March 31, 2007

Summer's Here!

it's officially the first day of our summer vacation, as school ended yesterday! yayyyyyyyy!!!

i started it right by going to the market to replenish foodstock at home for the next week and a half. then i spent most of the morning sorting out my students' papers which i still have to correct and grade (list of failures due april 4, grades due april 13). now, im just taking a break before i plunge in again to tackle my series of To Dos, which are more organized and holistic (not just work related, there's even a topic you can create for "personal", which i described as body-mind-spirit wholeness, and "love", which of course i described as M, and preparing to be be together with my soulmate someday : >), thanks to my new Thinking Rock software.

next To Dos for this weekend alone:

- prepare phone company papers for reporting the loss of modem and accessories i was about to return, due to car burglary;
- prepare the addendum to my Faculty Information Sheet for annual performance evaluation, to be submitted on Monday;
- correct papers and do grades;
- write chapters 1 to 3 of my project paper, "Peace vs. War Journalism Techniques As Used in Selected Philippine Newspapers' Front Page Stories";
- study for and submit the two assignments in my new online Peace Journalism Course with TPU;
- review and write the draft reports for Tuesday meeting with A and L; and
- re-orient my self with my meditation and manifesting self-studies so far, to pick up from where i left off last time by Monday, April 2 (i miss my meditation sessions!)

ok, back to my tasks now.
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