Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Independence Day

Today, I give you up.

You have hurt me enough--

with your blaming words,

accusing words,

always painting me

as the person causing you

all your troubles

and all your fears to rise up.

When I am just being


wonderfully me--



following my Heart and Soul.

Your fears are yours,

not mine.

Take the shit back

to right where they belong:

with you.

Today, I give you up.

You will hurt me no more.

I deserve better,

someone finer,

someone mine-r,

someone who

celebrates me,

as I celebrate him,

and Life and Love and Laughter,


or apart.

Today, I give you up.

Read my hand:

stop talking to me already.

If I cause you

so much trouble,

why do you still

hound me so?

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