Friday, June 08, 2007

Life Happens

For Mama, and Thea, and my dearest Friends A and L--

Life (shit, actually) has happened in the most unexpected of ways, and you know. So you might keep coming to my blogs to find out how I am, as I have refused to speak about it any further, for a while, anyway.

Please don't worry about me. I am fine now and thriving beautifully amidst the flux and chaos. As this blog quotes-- when Life happens to you, that is your opportunity to show to Life Who You Really Are.

And I have decided to handle this with the Wisdom and Beauty and Grace of a real Woman, not the grief and tantrums of a child.

I will be alright, and something Good is coming out of this, I trust, and I know.

I've been through worse before, and look how beautiful my life has become! : D Incidentally, today, June 8, is the 5th anniversary of when I left my marriage in 2002... so wish me a Happy Independence Day, too. : )

Thank you for all your Love and support. I appreciate it and am moved and comforted by it, more than I can say.

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