Thursday, May 05, 2005

Conspiracy of Grace Theory

last tuesday, while waiting for Bea's doctor to call us into her office, i absentmindedly picked up a magazine lying by my side, and i opened to the first page, which had "Conspiracy of Grace Theory" as its title, with the author saying how we do get what we want in life, with the universe conspiring to bring us what we desire once we know what it is we do desire.

how is this done? primarily through opening our selves up to the possibility of what we want actually being in our lives.

as it was a religious magazine, he used the ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you bible exhortation as discussion points for illustrating what they mean in practical terms. in brief, he basically said that:

1. ask and you shall receive - courageously express your need, your desire; announce it to the world!

2. seek and you shall find - research/study/ prepare for what you desire, immerse your self in it so much that your spiritual and mental and even emotional consciousness actually already lives with what you desire, that even you your self grow READY to receive it, even before it materially manifests itself;

3. knock and the door shall be opened - when people/circumstances actually materialize into your life to help you bring about what you desire, tell the people so, reach out for the opportunity, knock so that the door will be opened!


i believe i'm in Step Two of the house renovation dream and desire now. : )

last time, in my other blog, i shared about looking at bedroom furnitures and comparing prices and estimating budgets. yesterday, i bought a local home design magazine, as i educate my self and immerse my self further now in the materializing of my dream.

i have long browsed through architectural and design magazines at bookshops but never found one interesting enough to buy. i have long mused about my dream home, too, but always in secret, just a passive, hazy kind of wishing...

anyway, i thought that these magazines didn't fit my needs and my concerns-- about building my dream home on a budget and with a limited land area, as well as a home that reflected my and my kids' basic character and personalities, and my passion for living as close to Nature as one can. then, too, most magazines i saw reflected posh foreign designs which obviously required a really generous no-budget lifestyle; i wanted something closer to home, something real people can use.

and what do you know? this magazine i found yesterday even had the title, "Real Living"!

what amazed me about the magazine was it had articles that answered all my basic, but as yet unspoken, questions about where and how to start with building my dream home; just look at the titles:

1. 29 Stunning Homes -- Modern Style on a Budget
2. Make It Fit -- Modern Shelves for a 10m Bedroom
3. Kids' Rooms -- Fun, Playful Spaces
4. How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

i can't stop being awed until now about this serendipity.

just when ive become more clear and courageous about my desire and announced it to the world, things start falling into place, with the first thing that of my being led to a resource which would help me educate my self on my dream, and which is actually leading me on to Step Two of this mysterious universal principle!!!

if this isn't Grace manifesting itself right now, i don't know what it is then!


i see now the wisdom of going through Step Two-- when you immerse your self in your Dream, you become more open to it because all of your consciousness is engaged and involved in your Dream's being a part of you, until you reach a point that you don't even think of questioning your Dream anymore.

Step One, just asking for it, is good, but being the "rational" humans that we are, we tend to fall into patterns of self-doubt and Dream-doubt when we don't see our Dream materializing soon enough.

Step Two thus leads us further.

and from experience, i know that Step Three is merely the re-statement of Step One, except that in this stage, the conditions/people are there already for you to help materialize it. all you have to do is knock.


i think the author of that article forgot one other thing, though. aside from being open to receiving the universe's bounty, one must also adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Mama Gena explained it well: thanking God/the Universe/Life for what you already have in your life is like chewing and then swallowing food, so you can digest it well, which opens you up for more food coming. not appreciating the good you already have in your life sets you up for spiritual and material indigestion-- how can you have more when you haven't digested what you have yet?

Ralph Marston also talked about it in a friend's blog: "Whatever you have is not really yours unless you are truly thankful for it."


so for this recent serendipitous happening in my life, for all that has been, and for all that i know will be-- THANK YOU, GOD!!!

p.s. i have a mind to change the name of this blog site -- from "Life Happens", to "Life Quickens". heeheehee...
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