Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Aha!" Moments

it's the second day of my senior mass communications and interdisciplinary studies students' theses and theses proposal defense today. i've sat in their defense per group every hour, by the hour, for two days already. so far, i've helped facilitate the defense of 8 groups. needless to say, it can be very mentally draining.

still, it's a special feeling one gets during those moments when they do well, articulating themselves and their thoughts excellently as they defend their theses. i remember the many hours of our working together and discussing their ideas and brainstorming for better ideas and the long sleepless nights of poring over and improving on what they have written so far. but that moment when they finally get it right, when you and everybody else who listens to them and reads their work see how something has finally clicked into light inside them.... ooohhhh, you are both humbled and awed and proud at being participant and midwife to such blossoming!!!

in moments like these, all the struggle and the painstaking walking them through their mental and spiritual landscapes makes it all worthwhile!!!
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