Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gratitude vs. Grasping

ive been mulling about it lately, but it took an article in a free subscription email to clarify it for me, this state im in these days.

i was thinking how this still takes getting used to, being in this state of just being, trusting in Good and in things turning out for the good and in being taken care of no matter what happens... there are moments i catch my self actually missing the old days of being in a constant state of anxiety, worry, and even guilt for not doing enough, being enough (!).

it has not been easy; i had to do a lot of inner work, inner excavation and healing work mostly, and my going back to seriously meditating again has been both a big help and challenge. but it is all worth it, needless to say.

and then, this subscription email comes, talking about how manifesting abundance and good is all a matter of being in a state of gratitude or blessedness for having what one already has, or being in a state of grasping and needing, wanting what one does not have yet. it talked too, about how the Universal Law of Attraction works-- more gratitude, more blessings; more neediness, more lack.

amazing, huh.

i guess im on the right track now. still wobbly, baby steps, but on the right track now.

thank You, God/Universe, for guiding me, for bringing me to this good place at last!
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