Sunday, March 05, 2006

today's successes

1. wrote and submitted Conflict Communication online assignment
2. shopped for the kids' and my favorite food at the wet market
3. wrote and submitted my long overdue Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law online assignment;
4. drafted the proposed sampler pack orders for Gaea (our newly-established family export company)
5. drafted the proposed initial inventory order for Gaea
6. contacted an artist to do the logo and mailing list flyer for Gaea
7. updated Magical Mind
8. (re) learned some new things at the forum
9. updating this blog now
11. working on my Religious and Ethical Perspectives in Peace and Conflict online assignment, and updating my classes' records next (yes, surprisingly, i still have lots of energies and focus left! that is the success part...)
12. went through the day just focused on doing what i had to do and doing them well, one at a time, without bashing my self any more for more things left undone; going on full throttle speed now!

hugs to me!!! : D yeyyyyyy!!!
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