Tuesday, March 21, 2006

this morning's victory log

been up since 3am, and spent the whole time from then to 6am on my manifesting readings and studies, contributing to fora, updating my blogs, and meditating.

then, it was an hour's flurry of bringing the two older kids to school.

then from 9am till now--

1. finished my individual annual performance report for submission;
2. wrote a reply letter to the mortgage company telling them im updating my year's arrears in 3 months' time, from april to june, from my peace journalism project honoraria;
3. prepared the second production order for this year for The Butterfly Source even as i updated personal and business emails;

next on the list for today--

1. updating my classes' records and grades and getting ready for end-of-the-schoolyear grades submission in 2 weeks;
2. adding posts to FCQ World.

all the time, ive been listening to my guided audio meditation mp3's on the headphones and although im feeling sleepy, my mind is still abuzz with productivity and creativity! : )

it's only noon, but ive put in what would be some people's full day's work already!

hugs to me. mmmmmmmmm.
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