Monday, March 20, 2006

Mama, again

she never ceases to amaze.

she's been down lately, what after two hospital stays in january, for pneumonia and then heart arrhythmia... after almost a year of 3x a week dialysis treatments, and before that, a triple-heart bypass, and before that a stage-4 breast cancer diagnosis, which she has all survived with spine, spirit and song!

but then just a few days ago, i hear from her again after i emailed about how she was and she tells me this--

I will have my scooter arrive tomorrow. Actually it  will be used mainly
when I go out. You see, I get short of breath after about 100 feet. It is
for going out to the grocery stores and the mall. Actually, I am so
excited to have this. Yet, the insurance will pay for it. I have lost
about 25 lbs. now. I feel good....the way I look. I wish you can see me in

ooh, i so love the way she calls her electric wheelchair her "scooter"! it says a lot about who she is and what she's made of -- indomitable spirit and fun and good cheer, despite and inspite of whatever life may bring her way!

how can you beat that, huh? : ) : ) : )

i am sooo proud of Mama, and prouder still when people say i take after her. : D
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