Thursday, July 27, 2006

1700 (!)

it is only 501 am here but i am suddenly starting to hyperventilate.

i am about to speak to a congress of young student leaders in Iloilo City today on media literacy and an introduction to peace journalism. rough initial estimates given previously were that the delegates, composed of mostly 12- to 14-year old students, numbered around 800.

i just opened my cellphone now to get a message from my colleague that as of last night, confirmed attendance is 1700!


how do you speak to a throng of 12- to 14-year-olds, in the unholy siesta hours of 1-3pm today, on a very significant topic, and who number 1700, all at one time????!!!!


oh my God, i need not only all my knowledge, public speaking skills, and wits about me today, but your Divine Grace, Guidance and Protection, to be able to pull this whole thing off successfully!!!

by successful, i mean--

1. a quiet and attentive audience
2. their eager and thoughtful participation in the questionning and discussion and workshop portions
3. and their getting the essence of the presentation-- which is how leaders need to be themselves self-aware, literate and empowered in allowing how media influences their minds, their thinking, their decisions, their attitudes, their behaviors, and those whom they are tasked to lead.

oh, God, help!!!

Holy Spirit, be with us today, especially at that crucial time between 1-3pm.


was this how Jesus must have felt too, when he saw the crowd, gathered to hear what he had to say?

oh, God, help us all!
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