Saturday, July 22, 2006

life is rich

the kids (including their cousin Redd) and i just finished washing the car, after a series of little debates on who gets to pour the car shampoo and wax into the pail of water, who gets to sponge this part and who gets to sponge that part, who gets to wipe with the special chamois cloth, who gets to brush the rugs, and even who gets to wipe the vinyl interiors with Armor All, amidst lots of splashing and hosing each other down. : )

as thea and i were temporarily left on our own working on the car because the three little ones ran back inside to eat and watch tv for a break, thea asked me to watch the vcd she borrowed and already watched this morning, Chocolat, again with her tonight. i asked her why, does she think i'd like it? she grinned and said, "the main female character reminded me of you, ma."

i glowed inside and smiled in the dark while i asked, "why is that so?"

thea said, "this lady, she's the only one in their smallminded village who doesn't have any guilt about eating chocolate!" : )

and we both knew she meant more than chocolate. ; >


i am reminded now of the vision of paolo yesterday morning. it was the last schoolday of the week, but when i woke paolo up along with his sisters, he asked to be absent as he was feeling tired. no problem.

so i took the two girls to school.

as i only had one exam at 930am yet, i went back home after bringing the girls to school.

i found paolo in the bedroom, jumping on the bed, then rolling on it, hugging his pillows, then standing up again and jumping and spreading his arms wide, yelling, "woooooooooo, life is rich!!!"

i was brushing my hair by the dresser and i smiled at his unbridled joy, while i asked him why he said that.

"Manang (his older sister) isn't here to boss me around, Bea isn't here to whine, I can play with the computers and the Playstation and the pets all I like, eat and drink all I like, and I'm with you!!!"

awwwwwwww!!! that's my boy. : )


life is rich, indeed. : ) : ) : )
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