Thursday, July 06, 2006

labyrinthine dreams

i've been having disturbing dreams lately, ones i can barely recall when i wake up, but which leave me feeling tired and troubled.

since in my teens when i used to keep a dream journal, i can usually remember my dreams, in enough detail for me to make sense of them in terms of self-interpretation.

but lately, the dreams ive been having were dark, confused and troubled dreams.

i can't escape from them either, as i have them even while napping during midday... : (

today, at least, i can remember dreaming of being in a big house (hotel?) with many rooms connected to each other in dark, labyrinthine passages. somebody was chasing me and i was desperate to escape.

towards the end of my dream, i met a group of my students who were preparing for a gig in some room. i asked them which was the way out, and they looked at me and smiled, as if ive asked a very stupid question.

one student told me, "miss, you created this whole thing yourself, so you can uncreate it too."

and then i woke up.
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