Friday, July 14, 2006

riding the waves

it's been a long day, and im exhausted and spent, but i am also proud of my self.

it was bad enough that paolo and i were woken up at midnight last night by a large SLAM! we thought it was the maid accidentally slamming one door harder than usual as she locked the doors; we found out it was the water tank, which had imploded from the underground pressure.. : (

i quickly computed how much that would mean to replace it, and started feeling down, but i resolved to my self that id sleep it off for the night and think about it in the morning. i also tried to look at the bright side-- at least it imploded, not exploded; and it happened when we were all safely inside the house, and not when somebody was outside doing laundry or washing near where the water tank is.

early morning, i woke up at 630am already, when id usually wake up at 4am, feeling groggy and disturbed. i dreamt a very sexual dream, where an old younger lover was nuzzling my neck in a tender way and just embracing me, but i felt the fever in the dream, and woke up feeling very hot and feverish.. and quite disoriented.

i had to push my self to rise and wake the kids up and bring them to school, in 30 minutes. at the same time, my mind was zooming again, multitasking, multithinking, even as i instructed the maid to get one of the male guards of our subdivision whom we usually call for repairs, and ask him to bring us water using his bike and sidecar. when the guy came, we asked him if he knew anybody who could fix our water problem, and thankfully , he said that he has a cousin who runs a plumbing business.

i brought the kids to school and rushed back home, on the way withdrawing the last of my peso savings, in anticipation of the huge cash outlay for the water system repair. when i got home, i changed into business clothes even as i waited for the plumbers, and did business emails and prepared the files for the business errands i had to do this morning before 9am, when i also had to attend an entrepreneurship and exporting seminar for the family business.

soon enough, the plumbers came. they checked out the repair job to be done and gave me their quotes-- 5000 pesos for the service and around 3000 pesos for the GI sheet water tank (6000 pesos if i wanted stainless steel). i managed to bargain for the service fee to 4500, and just decided on the GI water tank instead. even as i closed the deal, i was thinking, "there goes my phone bill payment" even as my mind whirred, sorting through my resources and where i could generate the rest of the funds to pay for the repairs.

after the deal was settled, i rushed to the housing loan office and remembered that i could still renew an old multi-purpose loan ive been paying off, if i wanted to, and so i inquired about the renewal process, just in case. at the same time, i texted my brother if i could borrow 10000 pesos, and he promptly texted back for me to come pick it up at noon.

i had my Euro savings from the peace project of course, but i didnt want to touch that, ever.

in the seminar, even as i listened to the very enlightening talks, i texted my students and managed their concerns from afar.

by noontime, i went to papa's and was pleasantly surprised that the 10k cheque was issued by him, for me.

my sister was there too, with her husband, and youngest child, and they said they were waiting for me to have lunch with them, but i declined, telling them i had "free" lunch already at the seminar, and that i had to go to quickly encash the cheque before the bank closed at 3pm.

before i went, papa mentioned how he had this rich Chinese friend who's the major owner of one of our local papers now and how his friend wanted me to maybe manage the local paper, even as he wanted my sister to manage one local tv channel he also owns.

i smiled at papa's attempts to set me up financially, in fields that utilize my innate gifts, respecting my talents at last. i just said yes, i was willing to listen to the offer but i had to go to the bank now.

i quickly encashed the check, went back home to pay off the plumbers, who had, by now, finished the job successfully.

after settling matters with them, i went back to the seminar, at the same time texting a student in school to please help me inform one of the bosses that i couldn't attend a late afternoon meeting after all.

after the seminar, i went back to school to still pick up thea and paolo (bea absented herself today), even as i went into another meeting with an old friend and colleague whom i promised to help out with her training modules.

on the way home, we stopped by the mall for bea's pizza (she kept calling us from home, reminding us of her pizza and asking why it was taking us so long to get home), paolo's pad paper, and thea's special hair accessories for her Spirit Night tomorrow night.

now, i am here, winding down, waiting for the muscle twitches and soreness all over my body to be relieved before i go for my shower, as i sort out my thoughts and feelings from a loooooooong, beseiging day, even as i was suddenly feeling very lonesome, and alone, missing something, someone i had chosen not to be with anymore, for very good and very right reasons... : (

i think i did very well, today, riding the waves as they came, not wasting time anymore on needless worrying. anxiety-chewing and feeling sorry for my self, but just going on ahead anyway, doing what needed to be done, thinking on my wits, and still retaining a pleasant, cheerful manner.

so far, at the end of this grueling day, my chin is still above water.

and for that alone, i congratulate me.

ooohhhhh HUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGSSSS to me, my dear heart.
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