Monday, June 13, 2005

Queer Eye

i spent the whole morning unpacking stuff from my former office and reorganizing them at home. between one garbage bag (i placed the stuff in garbage bags) and another, i would rest for a while, go online, check for emails, sign out, and surf the tv for something interesting.

by the third bag, i was hooked on this new show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. the five happy queers in the show were "making over" a middle-aged biker guy in time for his renewal of vows with his wife of 26 years (well, they were technically married for only 10 but have since then deepened their love and friendship for each other after their divorce!).

it was fun seeing the gay men teach the biker guy fashion and grooming and even cake decoration and ring selection, with the biker guy just going along grinning shyly and saying, "yeah", or "intense". the show took a surprisingly wonderful turn when they brought the biker guy to a salon and had his long hair and beard of ten years cut and groomed-- the guy looked like a movie star, clean shaven!

his grown children oohed and ahhed at his transformation, but what touched me most was his gamely going along with the queers, doing his best for his lady love, donning on new non-biker wardrobes, baking her a cake, and assigning his grown-up children other pre-ceremony stuff. his self-written vows were awkward but sweet; it was raining that day of the ceremony and he compared their lives to the downpour, and her as the eternal sun shining behind the dark clouds.

in the end, the show made me cry, but in a good way. here's this biker family, all gruff and non-sentimental, showing the world what real love could be.


i'm done sorting through my garbage bags. now on to the book shelves.
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