Wednesday, June 01, 2005


today, i celebrate my Freedom by spoiling my self the whole day. : D

it is 6am now and im just about done with my emails.

i am going out for a long morning walk in a while.

then i'll come back to savor a big breakfast and a loong shower.

then i go to the facial clinic for some long overdue facial pampering.

after that i go to the beauty parlor next door to the clinic for a hot oil treatment on my hair, even as i have a foot spa and my nails done.

by then, it will be lunch, and im taking my self out on a date to my favorite pasta restaurant.

then, i'll have good, rich mocha caramel coffee as i further wind down and relax...

to cap the day off with a good long sauna and full body massage at my favorite spa!

mmmmmmm.... hhhuuugggssss to me!

happy birthday, new life.
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