Sunday, July 10, 2005

Law of the Vacuum

it is true; that physical (metaphysical, too?) law that says nothing remains a vacuum for long-- it tends to get filled up any way.

you clean up space in your closet, your room or your house, it eventually gets filled up with whatnots, usually trash. : )

even the famous law of supply and demand in economics admits that--when you have surplus, the "vacuum" from lack of demand is met by lowered prices; when you have shortage, the "vacuum" from lack of supply is met by blackmarket suppliers, or higher prices, or both.

here i was expecting an "easier" life with my resignation from my administrative duties as Chair six months ago; and here i am now busier than ever, but at least with the things i want to do for my self and my future and my children's future. : )

there's my online MA Conflict and Reconciliation Studies course, in addition to my freelance writing projects, and now, an offer from my aunt to revamp their business website as an online copywriter. i hear the new name for it now is "website content provider." : )

then there are my aikido classes (an elective in our MA course) which i will do wednesdays and fridays starting next week, and my belly dance classes with Thea, which we will do tuesdays and thursdays starting next week too. i've always wanted to do belly dancing and when the time to enrol in aikido came up, i figured id enrol in belly dancing too, as sort of a treat for my self every other day, just in case the aikido didnt really make me happy... : (

it's funny, too, how, before, when i was too swamped with administrative work and other people's demands on me, i HAD time and energies left at the end of the day to write on my blogs every day, and even created three different blogs from that beseiged phase! now that my time and my life is my own again, i rarely write on my blogs... : )

maybe i am too busy truly living my life now, as opposed to just wishing and dreaming about the kind of life i wanted to live before.

or maybe, too, it's just an adjustment phase, from the old life to this new one, still trying to get my bearings and making sense of where i really am. : )

at least, i am grateful-- the filling up of my vacuum is on my own terms now.
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