Friday, July 29, 2005

Paolo's Book

while going through Paolo's schoolbag just a few minutes ago, to make sure he has all things ready for school, i chanced upon a small booklet of pieces of bond paper folded together and stapled down the middle, with drawings and words in Paolo's penciled handwriting. here is his story ...

Book about rackets and planets

the sun or planets is hot a oxegen. a oxegen is came from the claouds. you now what the oxegen is from the claouds becuse its windy at the sky it can blow you 1700 metrse.

there are nine planets:
1. saturn
2. jupiter
3. neptune
5. pluto
6. mercury
7. venus
8. earth
9. mars

the first man on the moon is neil arm strong and his frinds.

you can be a scientist, but make shure you got the correct matirals and no troubles.

the author is still asleep.

i count on the stage mother's prerogative to publish his work without his permission... yet.

: )
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