Wednesday, July 27, 2005


there's got to be more than this... this life of simply putting out fires and keeping up.

i am blessed that the fires i need to put out now are only little flames, compared to the forest conflagrations ive had to struggle with in the past three years.

but still, there's got to be more than this, i know, i know.

i've been there and i've been through worst... but what made the tides turn for me?

am reading up on prosperity principles on the web right now... and i am reminded of long-ago lessons i seem to have forgotten:

1. praise, gratitude, thankfulness for what you have -- what you appreciate, appreciates!

2. sharing -- your manifestation that you are prosperous enough to share; don't worry about your not having enough right now, supply will come soon enough, as it always does!

3. insulating your self from negativity and all forms of poverty consciousness -- complaining, worry, fear; and building and nurturing an abundance consciousness instead, your birthright and your power!

4. Spirit is Abundance and spirit moves through everything, including you-- allow it to flow, don't block it with your negativism and poverty conscicousness! God/Spirit/Abundance provides; there's always more where everything comes from!!!


i think now that i recently allowed my self to become sidetracked, by letting little aggravations get to me and plunge me into downward spiralling despair and worry and frustration, violating principles 3 and 4, and causing me to renege on principles 1 and 2, which further caused me to feel "poor"... and frustrated and powerless... further violating principles 3 and 4.... and so on and so forth in that vicious cycle towards a bottomless pit.

i should know better.

it seems ive learned how to take care of my self and to turn away from the big Negatives, but my recent experience shows i still have to learn taking care of the small negatives as well, because they can trip me up as well as the big Negatives can!


yes, there has got to be More... isn't my life now manifesting that "More-ness" from three years ago?

God please don't let me forget and sink back into unconsciousness again.

there is More and i want that More kind of life, more and more of it!!!

Bring More on!
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