Wednesday, July 27, 2005


it's been raining hard the past two or three days. without work and classes over the weekend, it was okay, staying cocooned at home, but with the week starting, it got to me.

i already knew my old 1977 Mitsubishi Lancer leaks when it rains, but lately, it more like dripped rather than slowly leaked. then too, the windshield wiper gave up after a few valiant struggles with the pelting rain. so driving unseeingly in the rain, and being soaking wet and cold inside, is not exactly an experience that would encourage cheerful thoughts.

i never knew though, that our roof had problems too until rain started leaking from the ceiling in our bedroom the other night.

then, when i asked the maid the other night too to boil me water for a mug of hot chocolate, she came up showing me a leaking kettle!

when it leaks, it pours huh? : {


little things like these have gotten me down lately. ohhh i know i would have to fix them and could afford to fix them in time... but now is not exactly the time i need more aggravations like these!

double sigh.

(when is the time then? ... heehee... : > ... just trying to cheer my self up...)

i see my blog's tagline above-- when Life happens to you, that is your opportunity to show to Life your statement of Who You Are.

my statement of who i am?

.... hmm....

right now, i am just so down and out i don't even have the energies to make a statement.

triple sigh.
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