Friday, July 15, 2005

Sleeping Well

i am sleeping well these days, particularly since i started my belly dancing (tuesdays and thursdays) and aikido (wednesdays and fridays) lessons (both at 7-8pm).

it's a wonderful kind of sweating out-- i have fun doing it and i exult in my body and my womanhood and my personhood. after the lessons and when i get home, i just take dinner and a quick shower, do homework with the kids, and then sleep a good night's sleep.

i've always been a glutton for sleep, but my sleep has always been light. i am still always ready to jump up in case a little one cries out in her nightmare, or another little one wants to go to the bathroom...

then, too, there are times when my sleep is a "problem-solving" kind of sleep-- i go to sleep with a question in my head and i sleep dreaming about things related to the question. sometimes an immediate solution pops out, sometimes it takes days and nights for a way to reveal itself to me.

but both times, i see now that i even work while i sleep!!! : O


these days, though, i sleep like a baby and i wake up refreshed and renewed, calmer and more centered about my day, feeling like there's this strong, palpable powerful part of me again, pulsating quietly but dynamically inside, and untouchable by the world's cares.

it is good to sleep the sleep of an innocent babe again; it feels like coming home, at last.
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