Thursday, October 05, 2006


i have been up all night last night, until 2am this morning. and i only forced my self to sleep by 2am knowing i had to get some physical rest before i woke up early again at 6am today to prepare and bring the kids to school.

i said "physical rest", yes, because even as i was physically asleep, i was buzzing from all the ideas and the energies of preparing the last set of materials and arrangements for the coming HK Show. last night alone, i was able to draft our company profile/story with layout concept, layout and write the product specs for our three types of products, finalize the proforma invoice, even as i texted back and forth with my brother-in-law, who was in charge of Shipping and who walked me through computing how many wings and masks we can accommodate in 10-, 20- and 40-foot containers! : O

'just thinking of a container full of wings and/or masks was heady!

even while i was doing all those, i was also emailing with our uncle in New Jersey, back and forth, to discuss the content of the website for the export company, as the little ones kept coming to me to ask me questions about their homework and their own personal little projects.

today i woke up at 6am, but instead of feeling groggy and sleepy, i jumped out of bed, raring to start the day again with more working and preparing for the HK show.

while driving to school, i planned my day in my mind, as usual; and while already at home eating breakfast, i managed by cellphone, texting my students about reminders and deadlines, a supplier about a new order, and even the family partners to check their email....

this is what i love doing best, next to creative writing--- using my talents to make connections, bring people and resources together and work towards a vision together.

the feeling is indescribable; beats physical orgasm anytime! : )

God is sooo good to me! I am lucky to be doing work that revs up my passions so deeply.
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