Tuesday, October 10, 2006

downtime, shop closed

suddenly i dont want to talk about butterflies. or wings. or the HK show. or anything at all to do with the export family business.

here i was patiently and stolidly chugging along for months now, emailing everyone promptly with updates, asking for comments, but except for my uncle who heads the company and my mom who acts as consultant, everyone else is mum.

so i proceed with the assumption that silence is agreement.

now the Big Day nears and one by one, the silent ones start speaking up, that it could have been this, that it could have been that, blah blah blah and till kingdom come blah. helllooo!!!!!!!

you were all promptly, frequently and consistently updated. is it my fault now that you did not even bother to read your emails?????????

next to dishonesty, the next thing i hate most is cleaning up after other people's sloppiness, when i consciously and consistently make sure i don't even have my own mess to clean up after.


i did this for fun, and for love, and i know i did this well. i don't know what they are in this for.

maybe it is just my period, huh.


today, i am unavailable. shop closed. sorry.

let me go back to my creative writing, and my teaching, and my peace projects. i really don't need this aggravation.
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