Monday, October 02, 2006


there are just people, who, without their even realizing it, steal, even kill your dreams.

when you share your dreams and passions with them with enthusiasm, they sit back and smile, but make it their self-appointed mission to give you unsolicited advice, poke holes at your dreams, dampen your spirits.

they do not understand that when you do share your deepest longings, you are baring your heart and soul, inviting them in to sacred, holy ground. a guest is just supposed to enjoy what you have to offer, not walk all over you and tell you what to do nor how to do it, or they outlive their stay. but they do not see that, much more understand that.

it all comes down to trust, i guess. whether they trust you enough to be okay-- not even to be successful at the dreams you are working on-- but to just be okay, no matter what. for me that is the greatest form of love and respect, to trust you enough to be you, for you to handle things on your own and in your own way, well enough for your own good.

but then again, they have to trust themselves first to be able to give you that same kind of trust. therein lies the rub.

it would be easier if people like these are just acquaintances; you can always just avoid them. but what if they are almost family, who purport to love you so and are just looking out for your own so-called "best interests", according to them?
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