Friday, April 14, 2006

How Our Vios Came to Us

When our old 1977 Mitsubishi Lancer started conking out on us late last year, I started seriously praying and manifesting for a new car.
I thought I'd want a more spacious, red one, that didn't need the maintenance headaches I was having with my old car-- that was my bottomline requirement. At that time, the Toyota Innova had just hit the market and I thought I wanted something quite like it.

So, I researched the Innova at Toyota's website and downloaded a picture of a red Innova for my desktop. Then when I'd see a Toyota Innova on the streets, I'd smile at it, as if in greeting and recognition, and say a secret prayer, "Thank You, God, for the Toyota Innova coming our way!" : )

This begun last December, 2005. But, over four months, it has gotten to be such a habit that even just seeing the Toyota logo anywhere automatically prompts me to smile and thank for the Toyota coming our way. : ) I wasn't in a hurry; in fact, I was having fun.

I didn't care nor worry anymore about how it will come about; I just trusted that it will, in time, when it is right.

At around the same time, my brother, T, felt sorry for my frequent car troubles, especially after he learned that the kids and I would frequently absent ourselves from school and work when the car conked out, as we couldn't afford the extra P300 a day taxi budget for commutes, in addition to the car trouble costs. He broached to Papa about helping us out with a new secondhand car, and Papa said yes, with an express maximum budget of only 100k.

Last Wednesday, April 12, when my brother, T, took Papa out to see a 1995 Kia that they could buy for me given Papa's budget, Papa was riveted to this Toyota Vios instead. It is funny that the Kia they were intending to buy was owned by somebody who wanted this Vios, that's why he was selling the Kia to add to his funds for this Vios. But when Papa saw and test drove this Vios, he decided to get it instead, even if it was four times way above his intended budget. He paid for it in cash. Knowing how very strict and cost conscious Papa is, this in itself is already a miracle!!!

Prayers do get answered, in God's own ways, and dreams do come true.

I got the almost brand new (only 10 months used) red, spacious car I prayed for, indeed, and in just four months!!!

Thank You, God, for the Toyota Vios that has come our way!!! Posted by Picasa
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