Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Life's Twists and Turns

this morning, i woke up with no car, as the old ancient one i've got is in the mechanic's shop again (for the umpteenth time this month!) for repairs.

tonight, i am going to sleep with a new car in the garage, all mine. : )

when my brother, T, broached to papa about helping me out with a new car, he said yes, after long deliberation, and only with a fixed budget of 100k for a secondhand car.

today, T and papa presented to me an almost brand-new (only 10 months used) car, four times papa's initial budget, all paid for in cash, all mine!!! : D

thank God for T and papa!!!

thank God for the love of family!!!

ohhhhh, the kids and i can't stop grinning from ear to ear as we contemplate our new car.

ooohhh, we are taking our grins to bed, and to dreamland, and back to wakinglang again, where dreams do indeed come true!!! : )


remember how i envisioned for a Toyota Innova?

well, this one comes close, in the same Toyota family. : ) : ) : ) a nice start in manifesting successfully!!!


thea asked how the car was presented to me.

i was in the mall when T texted asking where i was. i said i was in the grocery section, shopping. he said he and papa were in the vicinity and would like to drop by, and for me to wait for them. i said ok.

then, after a while, he texted me again saying they were in the mall entrance now, where was i? i said i was still doing groceries. could i send thea over to meet them at the entrance? T insisted, no, i must come to the entrance my self, as papa needed help getting out of their car and going up the stairs. so i rushed to the mall entrance.

and there, right in front of me, was parked this sparkling red Toyota Vios, with T at the driver's seat. : ) my heart skipped a bit, but i thought it was just a car they were showing me for a test drive. i asked where papa was, he said he's in the parking lot in his own car. i asked who owns this car? he said, "you."

: ) : ) : )

ooh how i hugged him right then and there and jumped around and enthused. then i ran to papa in the parking lot and hugged him tight too and jumped around and enthused.

i like what thea said after i told her all this and she commented how people must've found it strange seeing somebody run around hugging men and jumping around in glee, especially somebody prim and poised like me. : )

she said, "you should get used to more hugging and jumping around, ma. more wonderful things are coming to us yet."

: ) : ) : )

isn't that grand of my 13yearold daughter???


oohhhhh group HUGGGGGGSSSSSSSSS to us all!!!

this is a happy, happy, happy day!!!
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