Saturday, April 22, 2006

simple joys

blissfully sloooow morning here.

woke up at 7:30am to a very quiet household as the kids were still asleep from having stayed up all night.

started checking and answering emails even in my just-woke-up half-awake state, while listening to relaxation and meditation music in the background. just me, alone, with my thoughts. : )

remembered to text my brother, T, to please ask the bakery staff to buy the 4 sets of newspapers i need for my MA Conflict and Reconciliation Studies project paper, for today until monday, so i don't have to go downtown and waste precious gas, time, effort just for those. T happily obliged, even as he asked me, too, to send him a copy of my project paper proposal he can use as a guide for his own paper.

i look up to find that three and a half hours have passed since then! : O three and a half hours just for checking emails, huh. but then again, in that span of time, i have done business stuff for my mom, for my students and even for the peace journ project.

i will have breakfast now. : ) lunch to follow later in the afternoon.

i look forward to a surprisingly slow and "spacey" weekend, with only two to three To Dos in my list, and a lot of time and space for me, just enjoying life and work and home and kids and self.

thank God for small blessings like these too!
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