Wednesday, April 19, 2006

oh, just stuff

even without her saying so, im feeling my cousin Lee Hua breathing down on my neck again for not updating my blogs... and even Mama, too... : ) so, for love of family, here goes.

the quick answer to the unspoken "how are you? how come there's no update in your blogs?" is-- ohh, nothing special or intense. just stuff. everyday stuff.

so, here is my "every day stuff" these days of summer vacation here:

mondays to fridays until may 26, i have one teaching class in Business Communications at 10am to 12noon.

monday and thursday mornings, thea goes with me in the car on my way to work, for her voice lessons a block away from the university.

tuesday and thursday afternoons at 1:30 p.m., paolo and bea go with me for their art lessons at the mall.

monday, wednesday and friday afternoons, it's paolo who goes with me for his taekwondo lessons at the mall.

wednesday and sunday afternoons, i also have my peace journalism project meetings at the peace center. yup, that't the project that earns me another 200 Euro starting this month. : )

afternoons, too, im supposed to spend working on the university catalogue (but mostly working from home), and documenting a writer's workshop next week, which ive been assigned to by the university bigwigs.

life is easier, sweeter... especially with the new car. : )

i only realize now how stressed out ive been before, when i am about to start the car, and i have to make a conscious effort to remember that im not praying now for the car to start but thanking God that we have an almost brand new car which starts without a problem!

while driving around, too, i still tense up whenever i shift gears or shift my pressure on the pedals.... there is still that almost automatic anxiety welling up from inside of me, anxiety that in the next instant, the car would just sputter and stop again, as if it were still the old car i was driving. it takes me a few moments to consciously remind my self that it's a new car now, and i only need to relax and breathe easy again.

up until now, i didn't know that one can also have post-traumatic stress syndrome from having a new car! : O


ohh, i haven't stopped writing, but ive been mainly writing in my diaries again.

there's that need, i guess, to momentarily step back, and keep my own thoughts just to my self.. cocooning my self from the world for a while, so i can come back later on with more richness, more depth, more insights, more gifts to share.

paolo's birthday is coming up on the 29th, and with the butterfly commission that's coming, plus some funds saved up, we're planning to spend his birthday overnight at Palmas del Mar Beach Club. paolo asked his father for a birthday party with his boy cousins from his father's side, at his father's sister's house near Palmas del Mar... and i thought it would be a good idea for the girls and paolo to spend an overnight little vacation at the beach club. while the kids have their party at my ex sister-in-law's house, i have my private alone time at the beach club swimming, or reading, or just relaxing as i pleased. : )

i have a colleague and mentor at work who's a member of the club and he offered to take us there to introduce me to the staff, so i can avail of discounts using their family's membership card. thank God for good friends; the kids and i get to enjoy the good life through the generosity of good people!

because of my lighter work load this summer, i am able to spend more hours in the early mornings just meditating, or walking, or doing my writing projects, when the kids are all still asleep from having stayed up late the night before.

in the evenings, i sleep earlier, just because the kids have the run of the house, and the computers, and the tv... so i take my beauty rest instead. : )

but tonight, i steeled my self to stay up later, to do work on the family business, and the peace journalism project... and later on, when the kids finally fall asleep, to finish up writing an institutional research report due tomorrow.

there's an increased feeling of confidence and security and serenity now, with the new car. not just because of the new car, but because of how it came to us....

so manifesting principles do work. wowwww. and for this first major manifesting exercise that's worth half a million pesos free , it took only 4 months! : O




just everyday sweet stuff... : ) at last.

God is sooo good!!!
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