Sunday, February 20, 2005

9 Days To Go

i have really been going at this "cleaning up backlog and things of the past" thing with a vengeance, almost like i had a gun pointed to my head. i don't know why; i've never done this before, but gutwise, i just feel that i have to clear space in my life for when i turn 37, so a truly new life begins for me.

it's interesting though that in Chinese astrology, this is the first of another 12-year cycle for me. i was born in the Year of the Monkey, which was also last year. the last Monkey year before that was when i was 24, the year i got married. imagine the coincidence huh.

my numerology reading also says that last year ( a "1" year) was the beginning of another 9-year life cycle for me, with this year, a "2" year, the year i put down new roots and lay the foundations for the next years to come. a "2" year is also the year when most people meet their soulmate. : ) ... hmmm.

even this free astrology report from Sara Freder tells me that something really outstanding in the heavens occur at midnight of March 1 (something about the beneficial planet of Jupiter aligning with my birth planet Neptune), with the next three months becoming really momentously beneficial months for me! ... another hmmm.

of course, ive already written down here previously about my own four-year growth cycles, with my feb. 29 birthday and all, and it just strikes me quite eeriely that all these cycles and my gut feeling of clearing space, and the recent self-proclaimed beach vacation with a friend (to clear out pent up "hunger", heehee) and Ancient Paths experiences ... all seem to converge to bring me to this point.

ive just sent in my long overdue PhD assignment backlog (due dec. 15, 2004 yet!), and the last of the backlogs are gone. the only work i have now are the current ones, and i'm starting to rev up again.


whatever is in store for me, dear heart, ... stay gold. keep true.
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