Saturday, February 19, 2005

Morning Prayer

God help me with my speech categories in international prepared speech, table topics and evaluation today as i compete in our Toastmasters Club Area Contest. bless me with presence of mind, organization of thought, clarity of voice and effective delivery, within the allotted time limit!!! win or lose, help me do my club proud as their chosen representative.

i feel scared as i am unprepared, even up to now, going into battle on suicide mode. help me study and prepare (cram, actually) for them later and give me the inner centeredness to proceed forth from there. send Your Spirit to center me and guide me as i prepare my speeches this morning.


help me, too, with finishing my long overdue novel summary and analysis assignment this morning. thank You for dr. alburo's amazing patience and graciousness with our delays and help me make an assignment worthy of her long wait!


most of all, God, thank You -

* for our continued good health and safety from harm, my children, family, friends and i;
* the love and respect and joy of my children;
* my work, the people i work with, my students, the tests and trials which refine my character;
* my talents and skills and dreams and goals, and for helping me grow closer towards them a little bit more each day;
* my family and their continued love and support;
* my friends and the lessons i learn from them and with them; especially for M, and T, and D, and even N, and K;
* the past, for all the lessons and the gifts;
* the future, for all the wonders that You will still perform : );
* today, for another chance to be who i am meant to be and do what i am meant to do.

i pray, too, for all the sick and grieving people in my midst -- for papa, and mama, and honey, for jojo and his mother who has just passed on and their family, for the ex's uncle danny and their family; for T, in his searching and growing, for my student K and her husband and their marriage, for all the people around me trying to find peace and wholeness and healing again. bless them all with your Spirit and Love, and may my presence in their lives be of help, too.

thank you, God, for all the people in my life, for those who have left, and for those who are still coming! bless us, bless us all with Your Grace and Abundance!

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